I have been blessed to know Keith Gregory both personally and professionally for over eleven years. Keith's healing and body work for me is an artistic, masterful fusion of healing modalities that have delivered me to a transformational and life altering experience each and every time I have had a session with him.

Over the years of being a client of Keith's I have become so spoiled with the kind of energetic clarity that comes through his skillful touch that I find it hard to match. I can always depend on Keith to provide the safe and sacred space, the deeply developed healing Mastery, and attention to the integration of all the bodies that allows me to relax and release myself into a profound shift in my Being. 

I am deeply grateful for all the work that I have done with him to open me up to courageously face my Shadow and to empower me to my strengths. Don't miss the blessed opportunity to gift yourself and experience the transformational healing mastery of Keith Gregory!

E.R.R. ~ Sedona , AZ

For me, I know energy responds best to awareness, clarity, intention and love.  Heartantra exquisitely and masterfully orchestrates a most powerful session devoted completely to energy—through the heart with light and love.  The results are life changing and permanent.  Working with Keith Gregory is perfect for anyone who values working in partnership with such an expertly skilled and experienced facilitator.

C.R. ~ Orange County , CA

Keith is extraordinary! My session began like a conversation with an old friend. He is a patient listener who intuitively opened my Heart so that I could comfortably and safely share my desire to heal. His powerful energy work was intensely present and effective.

I have experienced a variety of healing modalities and must say that Keith is a gifted and genuinely compassionate healer. He understands the female psyche and our unique role throughout history, our relationship to the Earth Mother and the way the feminine balances the masculine.

I encourage anyone who recognizes his or her desire to find some of the missing pieces to seek Keith's Heartantra and begin their journey to Self.

K.K. ~ Sedona , AZ

Keith Gregory is an old Soul with the gift to have helped me find my way into and through my darkness and long suppressed fear. He has helped me reconnect to my path as an already enlightened Being, the way I was always meant to feel. I now feel safe on my path and personal journey into Self.

J.T. ~ Missoula , MT

When I first met Keith, I was a shadow of myself. My body was aching everywhere for lack of exercise, I had gained a lot of weight and I felt very uncomfortable. I was in limbo, waiting for something to happen to get me out of this vicious circle.


After our first session I immediately felt better, my back ache disappeared and my energy returned. He knew intuitively, where the problem was and his masterful touch accomplished the miracle. Unfortunately, he had to return to Sedona, where he was living at the time, but promised he would return to New York.


Of course, I did not follow up on his advice and went back to my old destructive habits. When he did return, as a result of his work, my life changed forever. I saw him regularly and every day I made progress, growing and feeling better in my body, Spirit and mind. His work improved every aspect of my life by showing me new ways of living physically, emotionally and mentally as well as changing my behavior in general.


Thank you Keith! You brought me back to life with your loving care, your compassion and your deep understanding of the human Heart. I am blessed to have met you.


L.B. - NYC, NY


Keith is a most extraordinary healer. I have received his Attunement Sessions for a year - and my world has changed. His work has released deep stress and opened doors that were not there before, opening my Heart, inviting joy into my daily life - and where there is joy, there is no room for fear. His work has renewed my self-confidence and given me awakened and greater self-love. His methods are very unique as he works with guided meditation, clairvoyant reading, Advanced Energy Healing and wonderful bodywork massage, together creating a life changing experience, full of heart, joy - and fun!






I have been working with Keith Gregory as a spiritual and intuitive coach for the past year. He speaks a language that resonates deep in my soul. He is one of only two coaches I have worked with over the past 25 years who can open up my mind and heart in a way that I feel the unseen and unspeakable is put to words that change the way I live today. The language of vertical power currents, the image of the light energy enveloping me, and the breathing mediations that Keith has shared with me have had a huge impact on my personal health and well-being. Keith is a gentle but strong soul who works equally well with men and women and I highly recommend him.


M.W. Portland, OR.