The Heart Tantra Story


In Heart Tantra, gratitude and self love are the essential elixirs that transform your pain and suffering. As you embrace all you wish to heal in your open Heartspace, the alchemical healing power of love does the rest. It really is this simple ~

Over the years, I’ve found that all true healing happens in and through the open Heart. All healing comes from Source as a force of love and only what you embrace in your open Heartspace can you ever truly transform and heal. Paradoxically and most important, only what you hold in your Heartspace can you fully release ~







As you breathe consciously from your Heart, focusing your awareness on the particular pain, issue or block you want to transform, the energy pattern causing you distress will open up and begin to let go. Every time. This is the unique power of Heart Tantra ~

In this respect, the open Heart and the Divine that lives here is the ‘grand crucible of transformation’ where all your fears, issues, addictions and lack of self worth can be transformed and healed ~

Tantra literally means to ‘weave and bring together.’ By consciously weaving the potent power of your love through all parts that may have forgotten what this feels like, you will change your life forever ~


       The bottom line is Love Heals

Heart Tantra blends Advanced Energy Healing and Esoteric Healing along with other inspiring healing modalities. These approaches, though many different in origin and approach, become very complimentary and effective when combined.  Know I only work through our Higer Self connection and agreement and always for your highest and greatest good. This work then becomes Living Ceremony ~

Heart Tantra will empower you to consciously choose how and where to direct your consciousness and precious Lifeforce energy. Free of painful emotional baggage and critical, self destructive beliefs, you no longer play small, feel weak or act wounded. You live each day with a lasting passion for yourself, your relationships and your life ~

My personal commitment and intention of Heart Tantra is to empower you to empower yourself, so you can create the life that most thrills and fulfills you. This work is all about you and what you’re here for - to embody your self-mastery and ignite your Heart’s passion ~

Heart Tantra is for those who want to transform and heal something in their lives that other’s haven't ~

                                       Heart Tantra's essence is this:
When your Heartspace holds your pain, healing happens.
                                               I can help you do this.