Esoteric Healing accelerates the healing of physical discomfort, illness and pain by enhancing the efficient flow of Lifeforce into and throughout all your energy bodies, creating optimal health and overall well being.

Esoteric Healing also increases your connection with your Soul and Higher Self by opening and expanding your conscious awareness of Source, God or whatever you choose to call It. This connection or Soul Stream, puts you in touch with your Spiritual wisdom and wealth and all the Universal support available to you.

Esoteric Healing is a supremely simple and ancient healing system that immediately affects the overall function and well being of your physical body. It increases the flow of Lifeforce throughout your Vertical Power Current or Chakra system by releasing the blockages therein. It helps maintain and enhance your optimal health, physical vitality and Spiritual awareness.

Each of your Chakras directs the flow of Lifeforce throughout your etheric body to specific body parts, systems and glands in your physical body. In your wildest imagination, you couldn’t possibly envision anything more magnificent than your human body, how in it’s design, it can work so flawlessly and efficient. This is because of the energy circuits that make it so.

In energy anatomy, the etheric body surrounds your physical body like a sleeve or layer of light. It’s the first, most immediate energy body comprising the first of your Subtle Bodies or as more commonly known, your auric field

If you think of your Chakra system sitting within your cranial/spinal column as the electromagnetic, central energy stream in your body, dispersing Lifeforce energy throughout your etheric body and thereby physical form, you begin to see your body as a ever-flowing, expanded, energy circuit. 

From this perspective, simply put: wherever your Lifeforce doesn’t effectively flow, breakdown and illness will eventually follow.

There are seven major Chakras (wheels of light) or etheric energy centers that sit vertically on your spinal column, rising from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Essentially, these Chakra centers are energy transformers that step down the Lifeforce current from your Soul and direct the internal flow of energy into your etheric body and thereby, throughout all the tissues of your physical body.

Esoteric Healing was reintroduced in modern times through trance medium and author Alice Bailey, a British Theosophist who published in the early half of the last century. In her book Esoteric Healing, she channeled the abstract overview of this powerful and highly effective healing system. Later in the 1960's, an English woman named Brenda Johnston developed and organized this information by simplifying the practical application of Esoteric Healing into an easy to apply healing modality.

Heart Tantra takes Esoteric Healing many steps further. Along with your physical and etheric body, your emotional and mental bodies also have Chakra centers. Esoteric Healing as expressed through Heart Tantra, consciously empowers the increase of Lifeforce to flow more powerfully into and through these energy bodies, addressing emotional and mental imbalances as well.

This allows you to experience the greatest physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional well being possible. Esoteric Healing is a remarkably simple and highly effective healing system and a front runner in the quickly growing field of Energy Medicine.

Esoteric Healing