Heart Tantra Bodywork Massage


Heart Tantra Bodywork Massage is the hands-on element of Heart Tantra. It brings your Soul current deeper into the tissues of your physical body, encouraging and positively enhancing the Lifeforce flow throughout all your energetic pathways and DNA structures.

In each session, I draw upon 30 years of extensive massage experience in a wide variety of bodywork modalities. I have training in more conventional systems like Swedish, Shiatsu, deep tissue and therapeutic sports 
massage along with softer, more soothing and nurturing styles.

Working with conscious breathing, Heart Tantra Bodywork can effectively release chronic, painful energy blocks and lingering pain in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed, clear and at peace. After your session, you’ll experience an awakening of Lifeforce flowing throughout you, giving you a feeling of enhanced and renewed vitality and overall well being.

As a result, you’ll feel more calm, relaxed and Spiritually inspired. You’ll experience a clearing and cleansing in your tissues that for years have held old emotional traumas, blocks and memory wounds.

To whatever degree, these energy blockages have remained chronic, painfully inhibiting your physical comfort, emotional ease and personal well being. Because your tissues retain the traumatic memories of your past, when your body feels a comforting shift and you recognize a noticeable difference in how you feel, the rest of you will believe that positive changes have taken place.





In complete confidentiality before your session, we’ll sit down, giving you an opportunity to express your intentions for your session. I’ll ask you to identify the specific areas of your body you request work on as well as any areas that are too painful or sensitive to receive massage.

Each session is unique and co-created to address your appropriate needs at the time.

As my commitment to your comfort, I’ll always honor your voice, feelings and insights during your session, asking you keep me informed of the comfort level of the pressure and specific time you want to focus on any areas of concern.

I will gladly welcome your feedback.
My work and Heart Tantra are all about you and I will always respect your preferences and needs regarding your session.

Combined with the Energy Balance Attunement, Heart Tantra Bodywork Massage is a powerful complement to your session. I highly recommend blending both.

The advantage of including bodywork in your Heart Tantra session is that it activates the vibration of your intention, bringing it deeper into the cellular structure of your body. The results can be deeply transformative and profoundly life changing.

Fee: $100 an hour