The Attunement Session


The Attunement Session is Advanced Energy Healing.
It is powerful Heart centered transformational work, combining highly effective energy work, clairvoyant reading and exceptional bodywork massage. Know I only work through our Higer Self connection and agreement and always for your highest and greatest good.

Your Attunement Session increases the flow of Lifeforce into and through your physical body, accelerating its healing process while transforming emotional and mental imbalances, discomfort and pain. It supports you in creating a stronger connection with your Higher Self and a deeper alignment with your Soul's purpose, allowing you to live a more fulfilling and empowering life.

During our initial consultation, I’ll invite you to share your specific intentions for your session. These being: what are you now looking to empower in your life, enliven, deepen and make more real for yourself? Simply put, what do you want more of? Also, what do you most want to shift in yourself - either shift into or out of your life that will give you a greater sense of contentment, comfort and joy?

In complete confidentiality, I’ll always welcome your thoughts, feelings and insights about your life and will gladly answer any questions regarding my work, training and personal background. This is the time to ask for what you want now - to be witnessed, acknowledged and heard.

We’ll then begin with a brief meditation when you can consciously connect with your Spiritual wisdom, guidance and strength through resting in your living Soul Stream. Here you call in for your Sacred to support, empower and fill all of you now ~

All you do now is sit quietly and breathe, aligning within your Soul Stream’s downward moving current of Lifeforce flowing on, in and throughout you, here, now and always. Imagine your Soul Stream as a bright column of living Light passing down into and through all of your cells, rinsing, washing and cleansing all of you, with each and every breath you breathe ~

As you align with the Divine within, I’ll encourage you to breathe in all the Universe’s available support, bringing it viscerally and alive into your body, your session and your life. I’ll invite you to get totally present in your Heartspace, connecting with all that connects there. Here magic lives ~

As you sit quietly during the first portion of your session (The Energy Balance Attunement), I clairvoyantly scan your body and energy fields, observing where your Lifeforce is flowing and where it’s not as strong as it could be ~

I’ll encourage you to breathe from your Heartspace into and through any areas that may feel tight, restricted or painful. I may lightly touch specific points on your body, helping to release long held tension and energetic blockages, allowing a smoother flow of Lifeforce to move through you ~

By breathing from your Heart and consciously connecting to the places in your body and the aspects of your life you choose to transform, the alchemical healing always happens. As you embrace within your open Heartspace the very energy patterns you’re wanting to clear, shift or heal, the blocked energy will release and let go. It has to. The Heart rules as only love heals~

The Energy Balance Attunement is followed by hands-on bodywork, bringing the energy work deeper into the DNA structure of your body. In each session I draw upon 30 years of massage experience, in a wide variety of bodywork modalities. At the onset of your session, I’ll ask you to identify any areas of your body you’d like work on as well as any areas too painful or sensitive to receive massage ~

I’ll always honor your feelings, simply asking you to keep me informed as to the comfort level, the pressure you prefer and the amount of time you want to focus on. My work is all about you and I’ll always honor your voice regarding your session. I gladly welcome your feedback ~

During your Attunement Session, you will sense Lifeforce moving through you and your body. As the energetic, emotional and physical pathways open and clear in you, you’ll feel more calm and relaxed, yet more enlivened and inspired. You’ll experience a release and cleansing in your tissues that have held old emotional traumas, blocks and memory wounds. This will let go ~

Throughout and concluding your session, I’ll share practical, conscious self-help, energy mastery tools. These insights will allow you to remain present in your Heartspace, maintaining the awareness of your session that will support you in your daily life. I’ll also send a follow up letter regarding your session, reminding you of important moments and information that will continue to serve you ~

If you’d prefer, I offer the Energy Balance Attunement as a complete session in itself without the bodywork/massage aspect. I also do highly effective long distance healing work, offering the Absentee Healing Session. Please refer to this heading on this site for more info ~

Keith has this to share about his work:

First of all, my work is all about you - who you are, where you're at in your life and most important, what you now want to empower and make more real for yourself. As a compliment to this, what do you most want to let go of and release that will make this possible?

It really is this simple - if all your doubts, fears, issues, wounds, guilt and regrets were removed from your life ... who would you be?

This will be reveled to you.

The Attunement Session was created to make positive, long lasting changes in your life. It’s designed to clear and release the physical, emotional, mental and energetic blockages and pain that have prevented you from living a life of fulfillment, abundance, comfort and joy.

My ability and gift as a practitioner is in opening the energetic pathways from your Soul, what I call your Soul Stream - allowing and accelerating your Lifeforce to flow into and throughout all of you, creating a greater sense of awareness, comfort and peace within you.

As you learn to consciously rest present and alive in your open Heartspace, more and more of what enlivens you will enter into your life. Guaranteed. Your open Heartspace and the love therein will transform all that has ever stood in the way of you having what thrills you most. This is the living doorway where you can consciously heal and co-create all that truly fulfills you in your life.

Know whatever you ask for in your Attunement Session will indeed come to you, as long as it’s aligned with your highest and greatest good. As a result of your session, you’ll feel a noticeable life shift and very likely, experience a significant one. All you have to do is continue to consciously breathe your empowerment into your body, breathing in your Lifeforce to further ignite you, your life and all you hold dear.

As an consistent observation: in creating permanent shifts for people, I've seen my work most effective when working in a 3 session set. This always builds momentum, creating dynamic openings and lasting, positive shifts in a person's life. Each session, however, is complete unto itself, benefiting and assisting you in moving through whatever is presenting itself in your life at this time.

The first session helps you release the old patterns of your past. The one’s that keep you behaving in ways that prevent you from creating new possibilities. The second session brings you powerfully and viscerally present into your body, here and now. Only here does your Spirit live, only now is your point of power to create the life you choose. The third session will sharpen your focus towards what you now want to create and enhance your abilities to make this happen.

My intention and commitment as a facilitator is always to empower you to empower yourself.

Session time: 1.5 - 3 hrs.

Fee: $125 - $325