Advanced Energy Healing

The effectiveness of Advanced Energy Healing is that it clears the energy patterns that cause pain and suffering in your life.

Advanced Energy Healing as applied in Heart Tantra is full spectrum, all body (physical, etheric, emotional and mental body) healing. Advanced Energy Healing was developed by Dr. Robert Jaffe M.D. I trained in this powerful healing modality while attending his School Of Energy Mastery in Sedona, Arizona in 1996.

The primary technique of Advanced Energy Healing as taught by Dr. Jaffe was called Awareness Release Technique or A.R.T. The premise being that whatever emotional issue or energetic block you hold in your conscious awareness, with an intention for healing, will transform and heal.



As one of Heart Tantra's main tools, I expanded A.R.T to specifically include the Heartspace energy or awareness. I call this Heart Energy Awareness Release Technique or H.E.A.R.T. Healing.

In Heart Tantra, consciously breathing from your open Heartspace creates the connection between your Heart (and all the flows through it) to all the areas in your body and life that have forgotten what love feels like.

These areas or issues will show up as ongoing physical pain, emotional trauma or limiting, self destructive belief systems. They end up draining you of your physical vitality, sabotaging your personal happiness and blocking your ability to feel, receive and express more love.

When your Lifeforce is suppressed or blocked, (due to traumatic events in your life, past or present) it's circulation decreases. This results in breakdowns in your physical health, your emotional well being and mental stability, causing you to suffer and eventually manifest as sickness, illness and disease.

Needless to say, it takes an enormous amount of Lifeforce to maintain the subtle and not so subtle energy blocks in your life. In time, these blocks drain you of your health, vitality and passion for life. Heart Tantra uses Advanced Energy Healing to free up your Lifeforce to flow more powerfully and dynamically, so you can consciously create the life and relationships that fulfill you most.

All true healing happens in and through your open Heart. Only what you embrace in your Heartspace can you transform and heal. This is the real magic of Heart Tantra. In short order, the energy blocks open up, transform and release. The ‘healing’ happens as you reclaim these specific areas in your body and your life with your newly directed self-love.

As always, Love Heals.