Absentee Healing Session
The Attunement Absentee Healing Session ~

The Attunement Absentee Session takes about an hour’s time. At the scheduled time of your session, I’ll invite you to sit still by yourself in a peaceful setting, undisturbed and relaxed. Often I suggest receiving this session towards the end of your day, when you can quietly reflect on what unfolds in you without having to interact unnecessarily with your outside world.

It is very important to have the quiet time to sense and integrate the shifts that will occur as a result of your Attunement Session. Know I only work through our Higer Self connection and agreement and always for your highest and greatest good.

In Preparation:
Please sit comfortably in meditation with you spine straight, getting present in your breath by simply feeling the inside of your lungs expand and contract with each breath you breathe. Just feel your body breathe, going deeper and deeper into your Heartspace as you do. Consciously connect below where you sit, directly into the earth just beneath you, grounding into the planet’s energy. As a complimentary intention, consciously touch into your Soul Star about 18 inches above your head as well ~

As you then take a full breath into your pelvis, hips and groin, letting these muscles soften, relax and release, call into your session radiant love and all that serves your highest and greatest good - and for all concerned to enter deeply into your Heartspace, expanding to completely surround and embrace all of you wherever you happen to be ~

All you do now is sit quietly and breathe, aligning within your Soul Stream’s downward moving current of Lifeforce flowing on, in and throughout you, here, now and always. Imagine your Soul Stream as a bright column of living Light passing down into and through all of your cells, rinsing, washing and cleansing all of you, with each and every breath you breathe.
Please keep it simple, because it really is ~

Let your imagination really go with this as you simply sink into the feeling of your Soul’s current flowing into and through you during your session. Can you feel this happening –
can you imagine it? As you continue sensing this cascading movement of Lifeforce throughout your body, ask if there’s perhaps a color to your Soul's energy, is it warm or cooling and does it make any sounds as it passes through you? Just be aware of what comes to you now, trusting what you sense ~

By settling into your Soul Stream current, you automatically connect into you Higher Self alignment or Vertical Power Current. As this awareness begins to open up for you, again call and invite in love and all possible benevolent forces that serve your highest and greatest good - and for all concerned to fill, embrace and hold you now ~

If you choose, call in the Christ or the Sacred Feminine in the appropriate forms you most align with, to hold and embrace you or if you’d prefer, consciously connect with whatever serves your awakening in this present moment in your life. Please invoke the Beloved to come into you and ask to feel It tangibly and viscerally in your body, with each and every breath ~

Now just sink into your opening Heartspace, feeling the inside of your lungs fill and expand with Lifeforce. Especially be attentive to how this feels when you inhale deeply, filling the upper portion of your lungs. Breathing this way brings your attention directly into your Heartspace, specifically activating your Thymus Chakra or Universal, Christ Heart and this you better believe, is a really good thing!

During your Attunement Session, you will feel subtle shifts taking place in your body and energy fields. Just be aware of these movements, gently reminding yourself to come back to your breath and into your expanding Heartspace. Stay present here and now, releasing your thoughts, emotions and memories into your flowing Soul Stream …

After 45 minutes or so you will likely sense a lessening of current as your Attunement Session begins winding down. This is a gentle, softening sensation that lets you know you can get up and move about. Please take it easy, giving yourself time to assimilate and integrate what has unfolded within you.

If you journal, I suggest taking a few minutes to write down some of your impressions, thoughts and insights regarding your Attunement Session. This helps anchor into your awareness any points of interest and importance. If you have any questions about your session, you are most welcome to email or call. I will respond!

For a more comprehensive overview of the Absentee Healing Session,
I invite you to read The Attunement Session on this web site.

Fee: $55 - $ 125